Built for the most demanding workloads

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

ThreatKey includes an audit log that tells you all about who’s using your data, what device they're on, and what they did. This detailed record helps you make sure you’re following all the rules you need to.

Extensive Integration Library

ThreatKey boasts an extensive integration library, offering seamless compatibility with a wide array of third-party security tools and platforms. This integration capability enhances the overall effectiveness of your security infrastructure and streamlines threat detection and response processes.

24x7 Enterprise Support

ThreatKey's 24x7 enterprise support ensures your organization's security remains strong and uninterrupted. Our dedicated team of experts is available round-the-clock to provide swift assistance and resolution to any security challenges you may encounter.

Remediation Guidance

ThreatKey's AI-assisted remediation guidance is a powerful solution that helps enterprises respond swiftly and effectively to security incidents. Our advanced AI technology works hand in hand with your security team to provide real-time insights and actionable steps to remediate threats.



With ThreatKey's unparalleled coverage, you can proactively detect and mitigate threats across both SaaS and Cloud apps. Our robust monitoring capabilities and advanced analytics empower your organization to stay one step ahead of potential risks, ensuring the security and integrity of your digital ecosystem.
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Streamline your approach to security posture management throughout your entire company.
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