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Automated, Audit-Ready Reporting and End-to-End Data Protection: Your Pathway to Regulatory Peace of Mind

ThreatKey helps you manage complicated rules and compliance standards without a hassle. We support all sorts of guidelines that businesses need to meet, so you can focus on what's important without feeling overwhelmed.
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compliance frameworks

ThreatKey lets you quickly and easily make sure you're following all the industry standards and compliance measures. Just one click sets your organization on the fast track to keeping up with important security standards.

Maintain your controls

with ThreatKey

While your SIEM is useful, it could have gaps in spotting risks or control violations due to its own limits. ThreatKey fills those gaps by combining intelligence from both logs and infrastructure status, making control management more effective.
Detailed Compliance Support
Real-time Updates
Dynamic Reporting and Views
Real-time monitoring
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Compliance Management

Streamline your approach to compliance throughout the entire corporate landscape.
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Support for over 15+ leading enterprise platforms with robust integration.

Comprehensive compliance management with custom monitoring and reporting.

Fine-tuned permission control and customization keeps your information need to know.
Audit logs that capture activity and present detailed event summaries.
Minimizes performance overheads so your team can get back to building.
Streamline your approach to security posture management throughout your entire corporate ecosystem
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Streamline your approach to security posture management throughout your entire company.
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