Take Control of Your SaaS and Cloud Security Risk

ThreatKey is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can focus on what's important: protecting your organization.

A Context-Aware, Preventative Approach

Connect in Minutes

ThreatKey integrates seamlessly with your third party SaaS providers and contextualizes the data in your environment.

Identify and Resolve

ThreatKey finds what is vulnerable and gives you safe remediations and recommendations to reduce your risk instantly, before incidents happen.

Maintained for You

ThreatKey constantly scans and monitors your ever-changing environment to alert you as misconfigurations appear through your SaaS application stack.

Your organization relies on third party applications

Teams across your organization procure new third-party platforms to do their job effectively. But configurations around SaaS is convenience first, not security first.

Data Exposure
Risky Misconfigurations
Insecure by Default

ThreatKey becomes your immediate SaaS and Cloud security layer

Threatkey’s agentless platform integrates with all of your existing tools and gives you the visibility your team needs.

Data Exposure Comprehensive Coverage
Risky Misconfigurations Real-time Monitoring
Insecure by DefaultStreamlined Security

Helping you trust the tools you rely on

Finally, teams across your company can adopt new tech with confidence that they didn’t just widen the attack surface

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Gain full visibility into your organization’s third party security risk

Start remediating misconfigurations in your SaaS today

Ease of Integration

Integrate with the tools you already use and get rich intelligence everywhere. Let ThreatKey speed up your business, not slow it down.

Actionable Findings

Alerts are pre-prioritized and only shown if there is a valid business impact. No more alert fatigue.

Continuous Monitoring

ThreatKey constantly checks application data to find issues in real-time, at no additional operating cost to your team. Our platform scales with the growing number of systems you use and automates actions in all of them so you can focus on MRR, not malware.

ThreatKey Deputy

ThreatKey Deputy enables modern security teams to shift left and automate first-line communications regarding suspicious events and indicators. Users are contacted via Slack, Teams, and other communication mediums by Deputy to ensure the behaviour was anticipated. If it is not anticipated, Deputy will escalate the threat to the appropriate channels, including the Security Operations Center.

Review your SaaS security posture with our team of researchers and analysts

Meet directly with a SaaS security expert on our team to assess your current security posture.

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Enterprise Ready

Ready to scale with your organization's needs

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Enterprise-grade security


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Works where you work

ThreatKey integrates with your business productivity tools like Slack or Jira so that good security is not disruptive to your business processes

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