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Elevate security for your most critical assets

ThreatKey helps find and fix errors in business systems and cloud infrastructure which pose risk to your data. We help you figure out which security problems are most important and quickly take steps to correct them. If you're responsible for keeping SaaS applications or cloud infrastructure secure, our platform is designed for you.

Keep your data safe, no matter where it is

Some people on your team might not know all the ins and outs of the software tools you use. However, it's crucial to ensure that these tools are secure. With the growing complexity of work environments, strong security measures are more important than ever.

ThreatKey provides an easy-to-use solution. Its user-friendly features enable each team member to play a role in keeping things secure.
Extensible integration library

ThreatKey fits right into the way you already work

ThreatKey works well with other security tools, letting you keep all your data in one spot to get things done quicker. If you want to share ThreatKey's data with your security monitoring or response systems, it's no problem. Share ThreatKey data with your ticketing or messaging systems to bring ThreatKey to the workflows you already use.

Start with the essentials, ready from day one

No need to fuss over software installations or security rule definition updates with ThreatKey. We handle the tough stuff, keeping you safe from new misconfigurations and risks automatically.

If you want to add your own rules, you can do that too on our Enterprise plan. Use ThreatKey and keep your attention on growing your business.

Secure with confidence

We offer dedicated 24x7 support to answer any questions or queries you may have.
Our platform is easy to set up and configure in your specific environment, thanks to its clear, flexible design.
Join the many satisfied customers who have used ThreatKey to achieve their security and compliance goals.
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