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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ThreatKey do?

ThreatKey scans and collects logs from the applications, platforms, and cloud environments your team uses everyday to build the most comprehensive look into your company's security posture.

What kind of security issues can ThreatKey detect?

ThreatKey will detect a wide variety of issues and risks derived from both industry best practices and the team's extensive experience working on the world's leading security teams.

Why ThreatKey?

ThreatKey enables you to assess the security posture of your SaaS applications by providing a real-time, unified view of all major SaaS services, providing a complete security context for vulnerabilities found in your environment.

How do I get started?

Try out our platform at no cost by visiting the ThreatKey app to get started.

It only takes minutes to get set up and it only takes minutes a day to maintain good security.