Lack of Visibility and Monitoring

Severity: High

In order to effectively secure your Zoom environment, you need to have visibility into what is happening within it. This includes monitoring for security events and alerting when potential threats are detected. Failing to properly monitor your environment can leave you vulnerable to security breaches.

A lack of visibility and monitoring in Zoom can pose a significant threat to the security of an organization. Without proper visibility into the actions and activities occurring within Zoom, security engineers are unable to detect and respond to potential threats in a timely manner.

There are several reasons why a lack of visibility and monitoring in Zoom may occur. One common reason is due to the use of third-party integrations and tools. Many organizations use Zoom in conjunction with a variety of other services and tools, and these integrations can often result in a lack of visibility into the data and activity occurring within Zoom.

Another reason for a lack of visibility and monitoring in Zoom is the lack of proper configuration and controls. Without proper controls in place, it can be difficult for security engineers to monitor and track the activity occurring within Zoom. This includes the ability to track user activity, resource access, and data changes.

To solve these issues, security engineers must take steps to ensure proper visibility and monitoring within Zoom. This includes implementing robust controls and configuration, as well as regularly reviewing and updating these controls to ensure they are effective.

One way to improve visibility and monitoring in Zoom is to use a third-party security solution such as ThreatKey that integrates with Zoom and provides real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities. These solutions can help security engineers identify and respond to potential threats in a timely manner, ensuring the safety and security of the environment.

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