Poor Data Governance

Severity: High

It's critical to manage and secure the data your company stores in Box properly. This entails putting in place suitable access controls, routine data backups, and proper data disposal after it is no longer required.

Why is poor data governance in Box an issue?

In Box, poor data governance can have detrimental effects on an organization. Sensitive data loss, compliance violations, and reputational harm can result from improper data governance implementation.

How can poor data governance in Box mistakenly occur?

Poor data governance in Box may occur for a number of reasons. A common cause is the absence of appropriate controls and policies. It can be challenging to guarantee that data is being handled and accessed in a secure and compliant manner without the right controls and policies in place.

An additional factor in Box's poor data governance is a need for more employee education and awareness. Employees who have not been properly trained on data governance best practices and the value of data security may unintentionally put the company at risk by handling data improperly or by breaking rules.


How to solve the issue of poor data governance in Box

To solve these issues, security engineers must take steps to ensure proper data governance within Box. This includes implementing robust controls and policies, as well as regularly reviewing and updating these controls to ensure they are effective.

Utilizing a third-party security solution like ThreatKey that integrates with Box and offers real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities is one way to enhance data governance in Box. In order to maintain the security and integrity of the organization's data, these solutions can assist security engineers in quickly identifying and addressing potential data governance issues.

In conclusion, Box's poor data governance practices can have detrimental effects on an organization. Security engineers can make sure they have the resources and skills required to efficiently govern and safeguard the data within their organization by putting in place the right controls and policies and making use of outside security solutions.

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