Why Your Built-in Security Center Falls Short

Why your built-in security center isn't enough: discover how ThreatKey complements native solutions with advanced threat detection and seamless integration.
TL;DR - Built-in security centers and security center tools, while useful, often lack comprehensive coverage needed for effective security management. ThreatKey enhances these native solutions with seamless integration and advanced threat detection, providing a robust security posture for early-stage technical teams without the complexity of SIEM setups.

For early-stage technical teams, maintaining robust security can be challenging. Many rely on security center and their cloud provider's native security solutions. While these steps are important, they often fall short of providing the comprehensive coverage needed to manage security effectively.

Understanding the Limitations of Built-in Security Solutions

Native Security Solutions

Native security solutions are built-in tools provided by cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. These tools offer basic security features such as firewalls, identity management, and compliance monitoring.

Security Center Tools

Security center tools help organizations meet regulatory requirements by automating checks and audits. They are essential for ensuring adherence to standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Common Shortcomings

Despite their benefits, these tools have significant limitations:

  • Limited Scope: Native solutions often focus on specific areas and lack holistic coverage.
  • Basic Threat Detection: They may not provide advanced threat detection capabilities.
  • Resource Intensive: Managing and configuring these tools can be time-consuming and complex.
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The Need for Comprehensive Security Coverage

Early-Stage Growth Challenges

Early-stage companies face unique security challenges. Limited resources and rapid growth can lead to gaps in security coverage. Relying solely on native tools may leave vulnerabilities unchecked.

Gaps in Native Solutions

Native security solutions often lack:

  • Advanced Threat Detection: They might miss sophisticated attacks.
  • Integration Flexibility: Difficulty integrating with other security tools.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Limited to specific environments or use cases.

ThreatKey's Approach to Enhancing Security

Integration with Existing Tools

At ThreatKey, we understand the challenges of early-stage growth. Our solution is designed to complement your existing tools, integrating seamlessly with native security solutions. This approach enhances your overall security posture without the need for complex configurations.

Advanced Threat Detection

ThreatKey offers advanced threat detection capabilities, identifying potential threats that native solutions might miss. Our technology uses machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect anomalies and suspicious activities in real-time.

Simplified Security Management

Unlike complex SIEM setups, ThreatKey provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform. This makes it easier for teams to manage security without extensive training or resources.

Wrapping Up

Relying solely on built-in security centers can leave your organization vulnerable. Integrating ThreatKey with your existing tools provides comprehensive coverage and advanced threat detection, ensuring a robust security posture. Explore how ThreatKey can enhance your security strategy today.


What are the common limitations of native security solutions?
Native security solutions often lack advanced threat detection, comprehensive monitoring, and flexibility in integration.
How does ThreatKey integrate with existing tools?
ThreatKey seamlessly integrates with native security solutions, enhancing their capabilities without complex configurations.
Can ThreatKey replace my current security setup?
ThreatKey is designed to complement, not replace, your existing security tools, providing additional layers of protection.
What makes ThreatKey's threat detection advanced?
ThreatKey uses machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect anomalies and suspicious activities, offering real-time threat detection.
Is ThreatKey suitable for larger organizations as well?
Yes, ThreatKey's scalable solutions are suitable for both early-stage companies and larger organizations, providing robust security coverage.

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