As Amazon Web Services continues its journey to become the leader in cloud computing, they have announced some exciting new features during their re:Invent 2022 conference. Here are some of the most notable announcements that will help businesses optimize their cloud experience and stay ahead of the competition:

CloudWatch Cross Account Observability: We’re excited about CloudWatch’s new cross-account observability capability because it provides an unprecedented view into the health and performance of our applications and resources across multiple accounts. With this new capability, businesses can easily search, analyze, and correlate data stored in CloudWatch, such as metrics, logs, and traces. This makes it possible to quickly identify and troubleshoot performance issues, as well as gain valuable insights into system health and usage patterns.

In addition, this new capability provides enhanced security and compliance, as it allows businesses to accurately monitor the access and usage of their resources across multiple accounts. This means businesses can stay up to date on which accounts are accessing their resources, as well as which users are making certain changes. This is particularly important for businesses that need to comply with industry-specific regulations.

Finally, cross-account observability in CloudWatch enables businesses to quickly and easily scale their operations. With an up-to-date view into the health and performance of their applications and resources, businesses can more easily identify areas where they need to invest in additional resources or make changes to optimize performance. This makes it easier to ensure that their applications are running smoothly and efficiently no matter how much they scale.

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Lambda SnapStart: We’re super excited about Amazon’s new Lambda SnapStart feature announced at re:Invent this year! This optimization process makes invoking Lambda functions faster and more predictable, which is invaluable for businesses who are utilizing serverless computing.

With Lambda SnapStart, publishing a new version of a function triggers an optimization process. It launches the function and runs it through the Init phase, taking an immutable, encrypted snapshot of the memory and disk state. This snapshot is then cached for reuse with subsequent invocations. This eliminates the need for creating a fresh execution environment for every invocation, which drastically cuts down invocation time.

This is a huge win for developers and businesses who are using serverless computing, as the improved speed and predictability of the Lambda functions can significantly improve their user experience. In addition, the optimized functions can also help to reduce operational costs associated with hosting, as faster invocations will require fewer resources.

Overall, Lambda SnapStart is an incredibly useful feature that has the potential to transform the way businesses use serverless computing. We can’t wait to see what other optimizations Amazon has in store for us in the future!

Amazon Verified Permissions: We're very excited about this new feature as well. Amazon Verified Permissions offers developers an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure way to control access to their custom applications. As developers, we appreciate the ability to set fine-grained permissions for user actions within our applications. This provides greater control over who can access what resources and makes it easy to ensure that only authorized users are able to access sensitive data.

We're also glad about the Cedar policy language that Amazon Verified Permissions provides. This language makes it easy to define and manage fine-grained permissions for users and helps ensure that only authorized users are able to access resources. With Amazon Verified Permissions, you can create custom policies that are tailored to your application's needs and quickly set up authorization without having to write much code.

Overall, we're pumped about Amazon Verified Permissions because it gives developers the flexibility and control they need to securely manage access to their application resources. With its easy-to-use policy language and scalability, Amazon Verified Permissions sounds like a great solution for developers who need to secure their custom applications.

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