The Big Apple Byte: A Beginner's Experience at BSides NYC

Join a beginner’s enlightening journey through BSides NYC. Navigate sessions, networking challenges, and the vibrant world of cybersecurity in the heart of the Big Apple.

From Hesitation to Elation

Stepping into the concrete expanse of New York City and diving headfirst into the cybersecurity domain can be overwhelming, especially as a beginner. This narrative centers around such an endeavor, encapsulating my maiden experience at BSides NYC, and aims to guide fellow novices through the maze of cyber jargons, hacking feats, and networking soirées.

First Impressions

The Welcoming Committee:

  • Friendly faces, volunteers, and interactive installations that made the daunting experience more approachable.
  • Personal account: The overwhelming sensation of stepping into a tech convention and the instant alleviation by a friendly BSides ambassador.

Event Layout and Signage:

  • Describing the smart and intuitive event layout, ensuring even beginners find their way.
  • Personal experience navigating through various zones, from keynote stages to workshop rooms.

Diverse Attendees:

  • An observation on the variety of attendees, from hardcore techies to fellow newbies.
  • The comfort of realizing that not everyone is a hacker in a hoodie.

Decoding Sessions: The Cyber Lingo Challenge

Cyber 101 Talks:

  • Overview of beginner-friendly sessions that break down complex topics.
  • Personal account: A transformative talk that turned gibberish into understanding.

Hands-on Workshops:

  • The transition from theory to practice, getting hands dirty with practical cybersecurity tasks.
  • Real-time reactions to successfully completing a beginner's cybersecurity challenge.

The Expert Connect:

  • Personal anecdotes of approaching experts post their sessions and the wealth of insights gained from casual conversations.
  • The surprise and delight of realizing how approachable and humble the industry giants can be.
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The Networking Hurdle: Breaking the Ice

Structured Networking Sessions:

  • BSides’ dedicated sessions to ensure even the shyest attendee gets to connect.
  • A recount of diving into rapid-fire networking rounds and coming out with business cards and potential mentors.

Casual Lounges and Zones:

  • Spaces designed for casual interactions, coffee breaks, and discussions.
  • Personal snippets of striking up unexpected yet insightful conversations over a cup of joe.

Event Parties and Socials:

  • The lighter side of BSides: music, drinks, and casual banter.
  • A fun anecdote of bonding with peers over shared interests outside of cybersecurity.

Navigating the Vendor Stalls: The Swag and Beyond

Tech Showcases:

  • Walking through stalls that exhibit the latest in cybersecurity tech.
  • A beginner's take on interacting with vendor demos and understanding the tech's real-world applications.

The Swag Collectibles:

  • The undeniable attraction of collecting unique and quirky tech swag.
  • An amusing recount of the swag collection spree and the favorites among them.

Conversations with Representatives:

  • Going beyond the tech and understanding the people and missions behind them.
  • Personal insights from chats with passionate tech evangelists at these stalls.

From Novice to Networked

Emerging from BSides NYC as a beginner doesn’t just mean an introduction to the world of cybersecurity. It’s about connections made, insights gained, and the realization that every expert was once a beginner.


Is BSides NYC suitable for someone new to cybersecurity?

  • Absolutely! With dedicated beginner sessions and a welcoming community, it’s a great launchpad.

What should a newbie prioritize at the event?

  • Start with Cyber 101 talks, attend hands-on workshops, and don’t miss out on networking sessions!

How beginner-friendly are the workshop sessions?

  • Many workshops cater specifically to beginners, ensuring a hands-on, comprehensive learning experience.

Will I get a chance to interact with the speakers?

  • Yes, post-session Q&As and networking zones offer ample opportunities for interactions.

Any tips for a first-timer?

  • Dive in with an open mind, ask questions, interact freely, and enjoy the learning journey!

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