Swag Galore: Unboxing the Coolest DefCon and BSides Las Vegas Merchandise

Explore the world of DefCon and BSides Las Vegas merchandise as we dive into the coolest swag items and provide insider tips on how to score the best gear. From arriving early and engaging with fellow attendees to trading and staying organized, discover how to make the most of your swag hunting experience while celebrating the unique culture of the cyber security community.

When it comes to the world of cyber security, DefCon and BSides Las Vegas are two events that stand out in the community. Every year, thousands of attendees gather to share their knowledge, learn from experts, and, of course, collect some of the coolest swag out there. In this blog post, we'll unbox and review some of the most sought-after DefCon and BSides Las Vegas merchandise that you simply can't miss.


Why Swag Matters

Swag isn't just about getting free stuff. It's a unique way for participants to remember their experiences, connect with others, and showcase their passion for the world of cyber security. From t-shirts and hoodies to badges and stickers, the swag from these events has become a symbol of the community's creativity and unity.

Collecting Swag: A Badge of Honor

Collecting swag has become a time-honored tradition at DefCon and BSides Las Vegas. With many attendees wearing their collections proudly, it's no surprise that these items are highly sought after. The quest for swag can even turn into a friendly competition among attendees to see who can collect the most unique and rare items.

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DefCon T-Shirts and Hoodies

DefCon is known for its unique, limited-edition t-shirts and hoodies that feature eye-catching designs and clever references to the cyber security community. These garments often sell out quickly, so it's essential to grab your size and style as soon as possible.

BSides Las Vegas Apparel

BSides Las Vegas also offers a range of stylish apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. The designs often incorporate the event's logo and showcase the spirit of collaboration and learning that BSides Las Vegas promotes.

The Iconic DefCon Badge

The DefCon badge is arguably one of the most coveted pieces of swag at the event. Each year, the badge features a unique design and often functions as an electronic puzzle or challenge. This interactive aspect adds an element of intrigue and encourages attendees to engage with each other to solve the puzzle.

BSides Las Vegas Challenge Coins

BSides Las Vegas offers its own collectible item in the form of challenge coins. These limited-edition coins are made from high-quality materials and feature intricate designs that celebrate the event's theme and spirit.

Stickers, Patches, and Pins

In addition to apparel and badges, DefCon and BSides Las Vegas offer a variety of stickers, patches, and pins. These items allow attendees to customize their gear and show off their event experiences.


Vendor Swag

DefCon and BSides Las Vegas wouldn't be complete without the presence of vendors showcasing their latest products and services. Many vendors offer their own unique swag, including t-shirts, gadgets, and more, as a way to attract attention and engage with potential customers.

Collaboration Merchandise

Sometimes, the events collaborate with other organizations or artists to create exclusive merchandise. These limited-edition items often feature unique designs that celebrate the partnership and bring together different aspects of the cyber security community.


Plan Ahead

With so many swag options available, it's essential to plan your strategy in advance. Review the event schedule and prioritize the merchandise you're most interested in. Keep an eye out for announcements and updates on limited-edition items, as they tend to sell out quickly.

Arrive Early

Many popular swag items sell out quickly, so it's crucial to arrive early to ensure you have the best chance of snagging your desired items. Keep in mind that there might be long lines for popular merchandise, so be prepared to wait.

Network and Engage

Swag hunting is a social activity at DefCon and BSides Las Vegas. Engage with fellow attendees and vendors, as they may have insider information on exclusive or hard-to-find items. Don't be afraid to ask questions and strike up conversations – you might just score some rare swag in the process.

Be Prepared to Trade

Some attendees bring their own swag to trade with others. If you have unique items from previous events, consider bringing them along to trade for new and exclusive merchandise. Trading can be a fun way to interact with others and expand your collection.

Stay Organized

As you collect swag throughout the event, be sure to stay organized. Keep track of your items and make sure they are stored safely to avoid damage or loss. Consider bringing a backpack or tote bag to carry your swag as you navigate the conference.


Swag from DefCon and BSides Las Vegas is more than just free stuff; it represents the unique culture and camaraderie of the cyber security community. By collecting and showcasing your swag, you're not only commemorating your experiences at these events but also demonstrating your passion for the world of cyber security.

So, as you prepare for your next DefCon or BSides Las Vegas adventure, keep these tips in mind and get ready to uncover the coolest swag the events have to offer. Happy swag hunting!

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