We’re thrilled to announce that the ThreatKey platform now supports Zapier webhooks!

This powerful integration allows users to connect ThreatKey to over 1,000+ services, creating automated workflows that will save time and optimize security.

With ThreatKey’s new Zapier integration, users can easily connect ThreatKey to popular services such as Slack, Linear, and Jira.

This will allow users to automate tasks such as creating tickets for security incidents, sending notifications to staff when new threats are detected, and more.

The integration also enables users to quickly and easily set up custom workflows that integrate ThreatKey with other services. This opens up a range of possibilities for users to get creative with their security measures.

We’re excited to see what users come up with, and we’re confident that the ThreatKey platform’s Zapier integration will help users save time and take their security measures to the next level.

If you’d like to get started with the ThreatKey platform’s Zapier integration, head over to our website to sign up for a free trial. We’d love to hear your feedback and see how you’re using ThreatKey and Zapier to improve your security.

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