Montreal's Masterclass for Minnows: A Look at BSides Montreal for Newbies

Discover BSides Montreal, a must-attend tech event. Perfect for beginners to gain insights, network, and enjoy the tech world. Join the ride!

Ever heard of the BSides Montreal conference? No? Well, you're in for a delight. Imagine a potluck, but instead of food, people bring along their tech and cybersecurity insights. 

Introducing BSides Montreal

BSides is a global series of community-driven conferences, presenting a platform for tech enthusiasts, especially those in cybersecurity. Montreal's version? It’s like the poutine of tech conferences – layered, indulgent, and quintessentially local.

Why should a newbie care?

  • Opens up a world of networking.
  • Offers deep dives into cybersecurity.
  • An excellent platform to grow and learn.

The Unique Experience for Minnows

You're a minnow in a vast ocean of tech sharks. But BSides? It's where minnows can swim freely, explore, and learn without getting eaten up. It's designed with newbies in mind.

History and Relevance

Ever wondered how such an event came to life?

Origins of BSides Worldwide

The BSides events sprouted as an alternative platform. Picture this: Your talk doesn't get accepted at a major conference. What do you do? Start your own conference!

BSides Montreal: A Timeline

  • 2010: Humble beginnings with a gathering of just 50.
  • 2015: A major spike in popularity. Montreal gets recognized!
  • 2019: Over 500 attendees and 20+ sessions.
  • 2023: Here we are. Massive, yet still cozy.

How It Fits the Global Tech Scenario

BSides Montreal is not just a local fest. It's a part of a global network, feeding insights and gaining from the worldwide tech ecosystem.

Real-time insights for smarter security decisions

Maximizing the Experience

Let’s make sure you get the most out of it.

Live Sessions vs. Virtual

While in-person sessions offer a tangible experience, don’t discount virtual ones. They can be just as insightful and sometimes even more convenient.

Getting the Most from Q&A

Always have a few questions ready. Engaging with speakers not only broadens your understanding but also makes you noticeable. Who knows, that speaker might be your next employer!

Side Events and Hangouts

Many unofficial side events happen around BSides. They can range from casual hangouts to more learning-centric sessions.

Post-event Follow-ups

Remember those business cards you collected or those Twitter handles you jotted down? Now’s the time to use them. A simple "It was great meeting you at BSides" can go a long way.

Lessons from Past Attendees

Gaining wisdom from those who've been there and done that can be invaluable. Here’s what some seasoned BSides attendees had to say.

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overbooking Yourself: While enthusiasm is great, trying to attend every session can burn you out. Pace yourself.
  • Not Engaging: It’s easy to be a wallflower, but you'll miss out. Engage, ask questions, participate in discussions.
  • Forgetting Business Cards: You'd be surprised how many connections can be forged with that tiny piece of cardboard.

Success Stories

Daniella, a software engineer, attended her first BSides in 2020. Through a casual chat about ethical hacking at lunch, she landed an internship that pivoted her career. It's about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

Hidden Gems of the Conference

  • Late-night Networking: Some of the best connections aren’t made in the conference rooms but at late-night hangouts.
  • Vendor Booths: Don't just go for the freebies (although they’re cool!). Engaging with vendors can give insights into emerging tech and potential job opportunities.

Tips for Future Events

  • Plan Ahead: Look at the schedule and prioritize.
  • Stay Hydrated and Fed: Basic, but often overlooked. You can't network on an empty stomach!

Conclusion and Next Steps

As the curtains close on your first BSides Montreal experience, the journey is far from over.

The BSides Journey Ahead

Attending once doesn't mean you've seen it all. The tech world evolves rapidly, and so does BSides. Make it an annual ritual.

Staying Connected with the Community

Join online forums, local tech groups, and stay active on platforms like LinkedIn. The connections you've made are just the beginning.

Planning for the Next Event

Keep an eye out for the next BSides event. And hey, why not consider presenting a session yourself next time? From newbie to pro!

And... that’s a wrap!

From understanding the essence of BSides Montreal to navigating its many facets, we've covered the roadmap for any newbie. Remember, every tech giant was once a newbie. With events like BSides Montreal, the journey from minnow to masterclass becomes smoother and more enriching.

Stay curious, stay connected, and see you at the next BSides!


Q: How much does it cost to attend BSides Montreal?
A: Prices vary depending on your status (student, professional, etc.). Check their official website for the most recent pricing.

Q: Can I present at the next BSides Montreal?
A: Absolutely! They have a call for papers (CFP) every year. Keep an eye out and submit your work.

Q: Is this event suitable for non-techies?
A: Yes, there are sessions tailored for beginners, and you'll learn a lot!

Q: Do they have virtual attendance options?

A: They have had virtual sessions in the past. However, it's best to confirm for the specific year you're interested in.

Q: What's the dress code?
A: Generally casual. But remember, there's no harm in looking sharp!

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