Key Takeaways from RSA Conference 2023 - Day 4

Day 4 of RSA Conference 2023 delivered insightful sessions on a wide range of topics, including ransomware, DevSecOps, data protection, cybersecurity workforce strategy, and quantum computing. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on emerging threats, best practices, and the importance of collaboration in addressing the challenges of an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. As the conference comes to a close, let's carry these key takeaways forward, working together to create a safer and more secure digital future.

Welcome to our recap of Day 4, the final day of the RSA Conference 2023! Today's sessions focused on a variety of important topics such as ransomware, DevSecOps, data protection, cybersecurity workforce strategy, and even quantum computing. In this post, we will provide a summary of each session's key insights, equipping you with valuable knowledge to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

Hacker Summer Camp Networking Event

Ransomware: From the Boardroom to the Situation Room

An insightful session on how senior federal government officials might react and respond to the challenges of a major cyberattack. The panelists emphasized the importance of close collaboration between the public and private sectors to mitigate the consequences of malicious cyber activity.

The speakers for this session were:

Suzanne Spaulding - Commissioner, Cyberspace Solarium, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Robert Huber - Chief Security Officer, Tenable, Inc.

Glenn Gerstell - Senior Adviser, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Preston Golson - Director, Brunswick Group

Dr. Phyllis Schneck - Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, Northrop Grumman

DevSecOps Worst Practices

In this session, we learned about the common pitfalls and worst practices in DevSecOps. Understanding these missteps will help us avoid them in our own organization and ensure that our DevSecOps processes are efficient and effective.

The speaker for this session was:

Tanya Janca - CEO and Founder, We Hack Purple

Regulation and Risk When Your Customer’s Browser Leaks Data

The panelists in this session shared valuable information on the risks associated with browser data leaks and the regulatory expectations for protecting customer data. We left with a better understanding of the necessary risk management and security controls required to comply with these regulations.

The speaker for this session was:

John Elliott - Principal Consultant, Withoutfire and Pluralsight Author

Perspectives on the Developing Cyber Workforce Strategy

We gained insight into the recently released National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy, which addresses four main areas: federal cyber workforce, national cyber workforce, cyber education and training, and digital awareness. The panelists outlined the strategy's key pillars, strategic objectives, and next steps for implementation.

The speakers for this session were:

Michael Alicea - Chief Human Resources Officer, Trellix

Tara Wisniewski - EVP, Advocacy, Global Markets and Member Engagement, ISC2

Camille Stewart Gloster - Deputy National Cyber Director Technology and Ecosystem Security (TES), White House Office of the National Cyber Director

Dr. Diana Burley - Vice Provost Research & Innovation, American University

Standards on the Horizon: What Matters Most?

This session provided a comprehensive overview of recent and upcoming standards work driven by NIST and ENISA. As a result, we can now shape our organization's roadmap and priorities based on these critical standards, ensuring we remain compliant and competitive in the global market.

The speakers for this session were:

Laura Koetzle - VP, Group Research Director, Forrester Research

Patricia Titus - Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer, Markel Corporation

Juhan Lepassaar - Executive Director, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity

Dr. Laurie Locascio - Director and Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology, NIST

The Hugh Thompson Show: Quantum Edition

I enjoyed an entertaining and informative session on quantum computing and cryptography, featuring real experts in the field, as well as a special appearance by Doc Brown from the "Back to the Future" franchise. The discussions not only deepened our understanding of the science behind quantum computing but also highlighted its potential impact on the cybersecurity landscape.

The speakers for this session were:

Hugh Thompson - Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference

Paul Kocher - Researcher, Independent Researcher

Christopher Lloyd - Actor, Emmy Award Winner

Shohini Ghose - Professor of Physics and Computer Science, Wilfrid Laurier University

As the RSA Conference 2023 comes to an end, it's clear that the world of cybersecurity is continuously evolving, with challenges and opportunities around every corner. From addressing ransomware and workforce strategy to exploring quantum computing and data protection, today's sessions underlined the importance of staying informed and collaborating to secure a safer digital future. Let's continue to work together, learn from each other, and build a more secure and resilient cyberspace.

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