Embarking on a Cyber Journey: A Newcomer's Guide to BSides DC

Dive into the dynamic world of BSides DC with our comprehensive guide tailored for newcomers. Navigate the event, engage, network, and relish the cyber adventure!

Introduction to BSides DC

BSides DC is more than just another cybersecurity conference; it's a rite of passage for many. For newcomers, it can seem like stepping into an alternate universe where everyone speaks in code—literally.

Origins of BSides DC

Our journey begins in the corridors of power, Washington D.C. Like many great ideas, BSides DC sprouted from a genuine need—a space for unfiltered, unsponsored, and underground discussions on cybersecurity.

Why DC?

D.C. isn't just the seat of political power; it's a melting pot of policies, legislation, and digital transformation. Where else could such an event find the perfect balance between the techy and the policy wonk?

The Community Vibe

The essence of BSides lies in its community-driven approach. Newbies, fret not. This crowd is more welcoming than a grandma at Thanksgiving. And sometimes, just as quirky!

Dressing the Part: What to Wear

Wondering if there's a dress code? There is. It's called "whatever you're comfortable in."

Casual Comfort

No need for suits or formal wear. Jeans, a comfy tee, and your enthusiasm are the ticket in.

Representing with Tees

Got a favorite cybersecurity-related tee? Wear it with pride! It's a conversation starter.

The Badge of Honor

Upon entry, you’ll be given a badge. Wear it; it's your passport to all things BSides.

Comfortable Footwear

The venue is expansive, and those sneakers will be your best friends.

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Navigating the Talks and Workshops

The list of sessions can be as overwhelming as a kid in a candy store. Here's how to pick your treats.

Deciphering the Schedule

Start by marking out topics you're curious about. Don't just go for the familiar. Adventure, after all, begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Panel Discussions to Eye

The panels bring together the best minds in the industry. Look for the ones causing the most buzz.

Interactive Workshops

Get hands-on experience and dive deep into the cyber world. Don't miss these!

Keynote Speeches

The heavy-hitters of the cyber world grace the stage. Their insights? Priceless.

Networking Like a Pro

First time at BSides? You’ll leave with friends, contacts, and maybe a mentor or two.

Breaking the Ice

The easiest way to start a conversation? A simple “Hi, first time at BSides?”

Finding Your Niche Group

Look for groups discussing your areas of interest. Your tribe is out there.

Coffee Break Conversations

The unscheduled discussions over coffee often lead to the best insights.

The Magic of After-Parties

Let your hair down and mingle. These are networking gold mines.

Staying Cyber-Safe at a Cybersecurity Event

Paradoxical as it sounds, cybersecurity events can sometimes be the hotbed for some cheeky digital mischief.

The Irony of Unsafe Wi-Fi

It’s tempting to hop onto the free Wi-Fi, but be wary. Ensure you're connecting to the official event network. And even then, consider using a VPN for an added layer of protection. Remember, some attendees love proving a point about vulnerabilities!

Protecting Your Devices

While it's a community of like-minded individuals, it's always smart to play it safe. Keep your devices password protected and never leave them unattended. A simple rule of thumb? Treat your devices like a plate of hot fries – never let them out of your sight (or hands).

Social Engineering Awareness

Engaging in conversations is a big part of the event. But, be cautious about oversharing personal or company information. Sometimes, the greatest hacks start with a simple conversation.

Data and Privacy Caution

If sharing or showing something from your device, ensure no sensitive data is visible. Also, be mindful of permissions when installing new apps or software from the event.

Making the Most of the Surroundings

BSides DC isn’t just about the conference. The surroundings offer an array of experiences waiting to be explored.

Nearby Cyber Hotspots

There are various cyber-themed cafes and hubs around. These spots offer a chance to continue the conversation in a more relaxed setting. And who knows? You might just bump into a speaker from the event sipping on a latte!

Touristy Diversions

If you need a break from the cyber buzz, DC has a plethora of attractions. Museums, monuments, and vibrant neighborhoods offer a chance to stretch those legs and soak in some culture.

Local Eateries for Geeks

From techie cafes to comic-themed diners, the locale boasts eateries where discussions of firewalls and fritters go hand in hand.

Evening Activities and Downtime

Post-event, there are usually informal gatherings, or you can explore the local nightlife. Remember to respect privacy and avoid snapping photos without consent.

Ensuring a Return Invitation

You’ve had a blast, and you want to be back next year. Here's how to ensure that happens.

Participating Actively

Be more than just a passive listener. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Being a Community Player

Help out when you can, be it guiding a fellow newbie or picking up that stray cup. It’s all about community.

Feedback and Suggestions

Organizers love feedback. Honest, constructive feedback helps improve the event for everyone.

Volunteering for Next Year

Consider joining the bandwagon and helping out at the next event. It's a fun way to engage and ensures you're right in the middle of the action.


Your maiden voyage into the BSides DC event promises to be a thrilling adventure. With this guide in hand, you're not just a newbie; you’re a well-informed newcomer ready to dive deep into the cyber ocean. Dive in, explore, engage, and most importantly, enjoy every moment!


How can I get more involved with BSides DC post-event?

  • You can join their online forums, participate in webinars, and consider volunteering for the next event.

Is there a code of conduct?

  • Yes, most events have a code of conduct, emphasizing respect, inclusion, and safety.

What if I face any issues during the event?

  • There’s usually an organizer's desk or help booth to assist attendees.

How early should I arrive for sessions?

  • It's wise to be at least 15 minutes early, especially for popular sessions.

Can I buy event merchandise?

  • Most events have a merchandise booth selling event-themed goodies. Perfect souvenirs!

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