DEF CON 32: From 'Canceled' to 'Un-Canceled'—The Unexpected Venue Shift

DEF CON 32 transitions to the Las Vegas Convention Center after an unexpected venue change, promising expanded facilities and a fresh chapter for attendees.
TL;DR - DEF CON 32 witnessed an unexpected twist when Caesars Entertainment canceled the event, only for it to be 'un-canceled' shortly after. The new venue at the Las Vegas Convention Center promises not only more space but also enhanced facilities, ensuring an enriched experience for attendees. Amidst this surprising development, the DEF CON community showcased its resilience by quickly adapting to the change, securing the new venue, and turning a potential setback into a renewed opportunity for innovation and community engagement.

Every year we hear that DEF CON is canceled. This year, however, the cancellation was real—well, almost. In a dramatic twist fitting of DEF CON's lore, what was canceled has been spectacularly un-canceled. DEF CON 32 is not just going ahead, it’s expanding into new territories.

A Sudden Breakup

Just months before the scheduled gathering, Caesars Entertainment abruptly terminated its long-standing contract with DEF CON, leaving the future of the 2024 event in limbo. Jeff Moss, aka The Dark Tangent, DEF CON’s founder, expressed both surprise and confusion over the sudden decision, attributing it to undisclosed strategic changes by Caesars. Despite the shock, the tone remains amicable, if perplexing.

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New Venue, New Adventures

The scramble for a new venue settled on the Las Vegas Convention Center, along with supplemental spaces at the Sahara Hotel. This shift is not just a change of scenery but a leap into broader horizons. The new venues promise significantly more room, better facilities, and the chance to experiment with formats and setups not possible in the old spaces.

Overcoming Obstacles

The rapid mobilization following Caesars’ unexpected cancellation showcases the DEF CON community's resilience. Within a short span, a venue strike team was formed, locations were vetted, and agreements were forged. DEF CON’s knack for rapid adaptation turned a potential crisis into a showcase of capability and determination.

Expectations for DEF CON 32

At the LVCC, DEF CON 32 attendees can expect an array of new features including expansive conference spaces, a proper food court, and a massive indoor LCD wall—enhancements that promise to elevate the DEF CON experience. The shift in venue symbolizes not just a change in location but an upgrade in possibilities.

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Past Tensions with Caesars

This isn’t the first clash between Caesars and DEF CON. From privacy invasions to direct confrontations, the relationship has been rocky. Last year’s bomb scare and other incidents have only added to the complexities, perhaps contributing to Caesars’ decision to part ways.

Wrapping Up

As we gear up for DEF CON 32, we embrace the unexpected changes with the spirit of true hackers: adaptable, quick, and always forward-looking. The Las Vegas Convention Center will open new doors and possibilities for DEF CON, marking the start of an exciting new chapter in its illustrious history.


Why was DEF CON initially canceled by Caesars?
Caesars cited strategic changes but did not provide specific reasons.
What can attendees expect from the new venue?
More space, improved facilities, and new technological setups.
How has the community responded to the change?
With swift action and positive anticipation for the new opportunities.
What are some new features at DEF CON 32?
An expansive layout, a proper food court, and a large LCD wall.
Will DEF CON return to Caesars in the future?
Currently, there are no plans to return; the focus is on making the most of the new venues.

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