Buffalo Bytes: A Novice's Journey through BSides Buffalo

Join a novice as they navigate the electrifying world of BSides Buffalo, uncovering the history, sessions, and human side of cybersecurity. Dive into this comprehensive guide filled with personal reflections, tips for newcomers, and a peek into the future of tech. Discover the essence of the BSides movement
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Setting Foot in Buffalo's Digital Landscape

Imagine walking into a library for the first time, but instead of books, it's filled with the world's brightest cybersecurity minds. That was me, a greenhorn, stepping into BSides Buffalo. Let's journey together, shall we?

A Novice's Perspective 

New to the scene, everything seemed like a Matrix movie scene. Codes here, cyber jargons there, and me, trying to blend in with my "I know what that means" nod.

Expectations vs. Reality 

I expected a Star Wars convention, but it felt more like a TED Talk with laser pointers. The presentations were far from the hacker stereotype—no hoodies, just professionals.

Pre-event Preparation 

Armed with my laptop and a list of sessions (most of which sounded Greek to me), I prepped by... googling "What to expect at a cybersecurity conference." Yes, very advanced!

The Surprising Welcome 

First surprise? A warm welcome. For a group that works in binary, these folks were far from black and white. Their enthusiasm was contagious, even for a novice like me.

The History of BSides: Origins to Present

BSides isn't just a conference; it's a movement, a tale of underdogs rising. Let's rewind and play the tape.

The Humble Beginnings 

Born from rejected presentations of another conference, BSides became the voice for the unheard. The equivalent of getting kicked off the soccer team and then winning the World Cup with a new one.

Evolution of the BSides Movement 

From one city to over a hundred globally, BSides is the snowball that turned into an avalanche. And the best part? Every city added its unique flavor.

Why Buffalo? 

Buffalo isn't just famous for its wings. The city has a burgeoning tech scene, and BSides Buffalo is its crown jewel.

Key Milestones of BSides Buffalo 

Remember that time when a live hacking demo went (hilariously) wrong, or when the WiFi gave up? Through thick and thin, BSides Buffalo had its moments, making it the legend it is today.

Sessions Tailored for Rookies: Diving Deep without Drowning

For newbies like me, sessions can feel like jumping in the deep end without floaties. But fret not! There's something for everyone.

Cyber Basics 101 

The ABCs of cybersecurity. It felt like kindergarten all over again, but with more firewalls and fewer crayons.

Interactive Workshops for Newbies 

Hands-on activities where I learned... by making mistakes. Many mistakes. But hey, every "oops" is a learning opportunity!

Panel Discussions: 

Ask the Experts Imagine being able to ask superheroes how they save the day. That's what it felt like, minus the capes.

Navigating the Event: Tips and Tricks

When embarking on any new adventure, especially one as pulsating as a cybersecurity conference, a roadmap is essential. Here are some pointers I picked up along the way.

Map it Out: Planning Your Day 

Knowing the layout of the venue, the sessions you want to attend, and the time it takes to shuffle between them is crucial. Using the conference app or a traditional paper map can help. Remember, it's not about seeing everything; it's about maximizing what you do see.

Note-taking Techniques 

Whether you're a digital doodler or a pen-and-paper aficionado, having a system helps. For me, color-coding topics and annotating with symbols (like a star for "look this up later") worked wonders.

The Importance of Breaks 

Endurance is the name of the game, and it's not a sprint. Find time to breathe, grab a snack, or just soak in the atmosphere.

Networking for Introverts 

Remember, many attendees might be feeling just as nervous as you. Start small. Compliment someone on their talk or just ask about their day. And listening can often be more powerful than speaking.

Surprises along the Way: Unexpected Learnings

The Human Side of Cybersecurity 

Beyond the algorithms and defenses, it's a community of passionate individuals who truly care. It’s the stories behind the code that often inspire the most.

Gaffes, Goofs, and Giggles: Humorous Moments 

Like when a renowned hacker couldn't get his slideshow to work or when two experts argued over the pronunciation of 'GIF'. It's the light-hearted moments that make the event memorable.

Inspirational Stories 

From a teenager who identified a significant vulnerability to a grandmother who took up ethical hacking as a hobby, the stories of resilience and passion were heartwarming.

Future Tech 

Previews Demos showcasing the potential of quantum computing in cybersecurity and AI-driven defense mechanisms hinted at an exciting future.

Tips for Future Novices: What I Wish I Knew

Preparing Mentally and Physically 

Physical prep isn’t just about comfy shoes; it’s also about ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Mentally, keeping an open mind and setting a clear intention for what you want from the conference can set the tone.

Must-attend Sessions 

While every session has its value, some are game-changers. Ask around, check online forums, or even Twitter hashtags to get recommendations.

Overcoming Overwhelm 

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. When it hits, find a quiet spot, maybe chat with a fellow attendee or take a short walk.

Making the Most of the Experience 

Engage, ask questions, participate in hands-on workshops, and remember, every individual there has something valuable to share.

Conclusion: A Novice No More

Reflections on the Journey 

Walking into BSides Buffalo, I felt like a minnow in a vast ocean. Walking out, I felt like a minnow with a map, some new friends, and a better understanding of the ocean.

Key Takeaways

  • The cybersecurity community is vast but welcoming.
  • Continuous learning is integral to the profession.
  • It's as much about the people as it is about the tech.

The Next Steps 

Equipped with a wealth of insights, contacts, and resources, I'm eager to delve deeper, maybe take a course, or embark on a new cybersecurity project.

A Final Note of Gratitude 

To the ever-patient organizers, the inspiring speakers, the friendly attendees, and to the barista who got my coffee order right every time - thank you. The journey of decoding cybersecurity at BSides Buffalo was made memorable because of you.


1. How can I attend the next BSides Buffalo? 

Stay updated with the official BSides Buffalo website or their social media channels. They regularly post updates about upcoming events, ticket sales, and schedules.

2. What should I bring to the conference? 

A laptop, notepad, an open mind, and a friendly attitude! While technical sessions may require a computer, many sessions are discussions or presentations. Oh, and bring some business cards for networking.

3. I'm not a cybersecurity professional. Will I understand the content? 

While some sessions might be technical, BSides Buffalo offers a range of topics. There are always foundational sessions and workshops meant for those newer to the field. Plus, the community is welcoming and happy to answer questions.

4. What makes BSides different from other cybersecurity conferences? 

BSides has a grassroots feel. It's community-driven, focusing on local talent, knowledge sharing, and is often more intimate and interactive than larger corporate events.

5. Why is the conference called "BSides?" 

BSides originated as an alternative to the main tracks of cybersecurity conferences, much like the B-side of a vinyl record. It gave a platform to those presentations and speakers not featured on the "A-side" of the main event.

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