Okta: Monitor Suspicious Login Attempts

Updated on
December 31, 2022

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Monitoring user activity for suspicious behavior is an important part of keeping your Okta instance secure. By proactively detecting suspicious activity, you can take action to block malicious actors from gaining access to your system and data. This guide will provide detailed steps and dependencies for Okta administrators to monitor user activity for suspicious behavior.

Technical Reference Guide

Step 1. Enable Okta’s Security Insights Dashboard.

The Security Insights dashboard provides a centralized view of suspicious activity across all users and applications in your Okta instance. This dashboard allows you to quickly identify users exhibiting suspicious activity and take appropriate action.

Step 2. Check user logins

An administrator should regularly check user logins to see if any unusual activity has occurred. This includes monitoring login attempts from unfamiliar locations or devices, or multiple failed login attempts from the same user.

Step 3. Monitor user profiles

An administrator should also keep an eye on user profiles for any suspicious changes or updates. This includes monitoring for any changes to user roles or permissions, or any changes to user passwords.

Step 4. Audit user activity

An administrator should regularly audit user activity in order to identify any suspicious or malicious activity. This includes monitoring for any unauthorized access to sensitive information, any unusual activity from an individual user, or any unusual traffic from an external source.

Step 5. Monitor application usage

An administrator should also keep an eye on application usage for any suspicious activity. This includes monitoring for any unauthorized access attempts, any suspicious downloads, or any changes to application settings.

Step 6. Set up alerts

An administrator should set up alerts to notify them of any suspicious activity. This includes setting up alerts for any suspicious logins, user profile changes, or application usage.

Step 7. Take action

An administrator should take the necessary steps to investigate any suspicious activity and take action if necessary. This includes disabling user accounts if necessary, or resetting user passwords if needed.


  • Okta user management
  • Okta authentication
  • Okta application usage monitoring
  • Email alerts