No more Google Workspace misconfigurations

Misconfigurations in your Google Workspace environment can put your organization's data at risk. But with ThreatKey, you can easily avoid these pitfalls. Our platform allows you to quickly and easily configure your Google Workspace security settings, so you can be confident that your environment is protected. Plus, our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing Google Workspace setup, so you can get up and running quickly and without disruption. Don't leave your organization's data vulnerable to misconfigurations - try our solution now and see the difference for yourself!

See how ThreatKey has helped a customer

It was 8:15 a.m. when Tracy Kelpman, the lead engineer, got the call. There had been a security incident. A user's account had been compromised and sensitive data had been announced publicly before launch. Kelpman's first instinct was to check the account's activity logs.

She quickly determined that the account had been accessed from an unusual location and that the user's password had been changed. When she removed the access, she thought all was fine.

But it was not. A week later, a similar incident occurred.

Kelpman knew that she needed to act quickly.

She called on ThreatKey to perform a root cause analysis. Together, they were  able to quickly identify the source of the compromise and take steps to mitigate the risk.

Kelpman and ThreatKey were  able to determine that the account had been compromised through a process of calendar delegation. The user had delegated access to their account to an untrusted third-party. Kelpman was able to quickly disable the delegation and lock down the account.

Finally, Kelpman implemented two-factor authentication for the account. This added an extra layer of security and made it more difficult for the attacker to access the account in the future.

Kelpman's quick thinking and use of ThreatKey prevented a potentially disastrous security incident. Thanks to her, the company's data was once again out of the public eye.

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Connect your applications to ThreatKey in seconds and identify blind spots and security risks within minutes that you can safely remediate.

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Find, track, and manage configurations across your third-party environment as they occur. Uncover hidden threats and remediate them quickly with recommendations from the platform.

Maintain Continuous Context-Aware Monitoring

In order to keep your organization safe, you need to be able to monitor for threats constantly. That's why ThreatKey's continuous context-aware monitoring is so important. It gives you the ability to see what's happening in your environment at all times, so you can identify and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

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