Enforce security best practices on day one

Security best practices are essential for protecting your organization's data and systems, but implementing them can be time-consuming and complicated. With our solution, you can easily enforce security best practices on your Box instances from day one. Our user-friendly platform allows you to quickly and easily configure security settings, so you can be confident that your Box environment is secure from the start. Plus, our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing Box setup, so you can get up and running quickly and without disruption. Don't wait to start protecting your organization's data - try our solution now and see the difference for yourself!

See how ThreatKey has helped a customer

Tracy Kelpman was sound asleep in her tent when she was jolted awake by the sound of her phone ringing. It was her lead engineer, and he sounded panicked. "Tracy, we have a security incident. A hacker has gained access to our servers and is holding our customer data hostage. We need to act fast."

Tracy leapt into action, pulling on her boots as she raced to the campfire where her laptop was charging. She quickly booted it up and logged into ThreatKey, her go-to root cause analysis tool. Tracy knew she had locked down the infrastructure, but she worried about their SaaS applications. Nobody on Slack was responding, so she jumped into action.

She started by running a port scan of her servers to see what the hacker might have accessed. No dice. Everything looked safe. CloudTrail logs didn't reveal anything of interest either.

She was running out of ideas, and nobody was responding. She came across ThreatKey and reached out to our team for help. Our emergency response team quickly set up a communication channel and helped Tracy get setup on ThreatKey over the phone. Thanks to ThreatKey's agentless design, this was not an issue.

She quickly discovered that the hacker had gained access to the corporate Box account and was currently downloading the customer data from her ThreatKey findings.

Tracy knew she had to act fast. She quickly grabbed her camping gear and ran to the nearest road where she flagged down a passing car. She jumped in and instructed the driver to take her to the nearest Internet cafe.

Once there, she logged into ThreatKey and used the platform to track the hacker's patterns. She was able to identify the misconfiguration exploited by the attacker and quickly shut down future access.

WIth the help of ThreatKey, she was able to identify the misconfiguration leading to the customer data being leaked, and get back to her marshmallows in time.

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Get started in minutes with ThreatKey's Agentless Installation

See immediate impact with simple Click-to-Connect integrations. No agents to install, period.

Connect your applications to ThreatKey in seconds and identify blind spots and security risks within minutes that you can safely remediate.

Gain Actionable Recommendations for your SaaS and Cloud Infrastructure Risk

Find, track, and manage configurations across your third-party environment as they occur. Uncover hidden threats and remediate them quickly with recommendations from the platform.

Maintain Continuous Context-Aware Monitoring

In order to keep your organization safe, you need to be able to monitor for threats constantly. That's why ThreatKey's continuous context-aware monitoring is so important. It gives you the ability to see what's happening in your environment at all times, so you can identify and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

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