ThreatKey: A Comprehensive Alternative to Obsidian Security

Loved by leading security teams around the world.

As organizations adopt more SaaS apps, securing these environments becomes critical. While vendors like Obsidian Security offer SaaS protection, there are compelling alternatives worth considering.

ThreatKey provides a unified and robust platform securing both SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure. It represents a comprehensive alternative to securing your modern tech stack.

ThreatKey: Unified Platform Built for the Cloud Era

ThreatKey delivers integrated Security Posture Management designed for the cloud. It protects your entire environment including:

  • SaaS apps: Salesforce, Office 365, G Suite, etc.
  • Cloud infrastructure: AWS, Azure, GCP configurations
  • Sensitive data across SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

Core capabilities:

  • Find and prioritize risks across SaaS and cloud
  • Continuously audit for regulatory compliance
  • Intuitive remediation to optimize security resources
  • User-friendly interface for fast setup and usage

Optimized for Organizations of Any Size

A key advantage of ThreatKey is its flexible and scalable platform built to secure organizations of any size.

ThreatKey makes robust, enterprise-grade security achievable for companies with lean security teams and budgets. It charges based on users and apps, not complex tiers.

The founders' expertise securing small startups as well as large enterprises shaped its accessible design. ThreatKey simplifies cloud security for any sized organization.

Serious Alternative to Legacy Vendors

Forward-thinking companies are adopting next-gen solutions like ThreatKey over legacy vendors.

ThreatKey provides complete SaaS and cloud security at a fraction of the cost of outdated tools. It also receives industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.

As cyberthreats evolve, businesses need scalable yet affordable security. ThreatKey makes protection achievable whether you are a small business or large enterprise.


For an integrated, cost-effective solution securing your entire SaaS and cloud environment, ThreatKey is a robust alternative to vendors like Obsidian.

To learn more about modernizing your security stack with ThreatKey, request a demo today.

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Reduction in Mean Time to Detect (MTTD)

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Faster scan completion when compared to leading CSPM and SSPM brands.


Supported integrations across SaaS and Cloud. Extensive integration support on every plan.
Streamline your approach to security posture management throughout your entire corporate environment.
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