ThreatKey: A Comprehensive Alternative to AppOmni

With data increasingly moving to the cloud, securing SaaS environments is a top priority. Many security teams default to legacy vendors like AppOmni for SaaS protection. However, organizations should be aware that AppOmni is not their only option. ThreatKey provides a comprehensive and highly capable alternative for securing SaaS apps and infrastructure.

ThreatKey: Unified Platform Built for the Cloud Era

ThreatKey offers a unified Security Posture Management platform purpose-built for the cloud. It seamlessly secures both SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure environments.

Core capabilities include:

  • SaaS Security Posture Management: Scans apps like Salesforce and Office 365 for risks
  • Cloud Security Posture Management: Assesses AWS, Azure, and GCP environments
  • Intuitive prioritized remediation: Enables smarter resource allocation
  • Continuous compliance auditing: Adheres to regulations like HIPAA and PCI
  • User-friendly interface: Enables fast setup and usage

Optimized for Organizations of Any Size

A key advantage of ThreatKey is its flexible and scalable platform designed for any organization. It makes robust enterprise-grade security achievable for companies of any size.

ThreatKey bases pricing on the number of users and apps, not complex tiers. This allows adding security coverage as the business grows.

The founders' expertise in securing both small businesses and large enterprises has shaped the product's accessible design. ThreatKey makes SaaS and cloud security seamless for lean security teams.

Serious Alternative to Expensive Legacy Solutions

Organizations looking beyond legacy vendors like AppOmni are often pleasantly surprised by ThreatKey's capabilities and value.

The platform provides complete SaaS and cloud security at a fraction of the cost of outdated solutions. ThreatKey's customer satisfaction levels also consistently outpace its competitors.

As cyberthreats get more dangerous, companies need access to enterprise-grade security tools. ThreatKey democratizes protection by making it achievable for businesses of any size.


For a unified, accessible, and cost-effective SaaS and cloud security solution, ThreatKey stands out as a robust alternative to options like AppOmni. To learn more about securing your SaaS and cloud environments with ThreatKey, request a demo today.

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